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ICYMI This Week: Death Horizon MR, Space Salvage, Ruff Talk Showcase & More

ICYMI This Week: Death Horizon MR, Space Salvage, Ruff Talk Showcase & More

Searching for this week's VR games and hardware news? Here's what you may have missed:

To call this VR's biggest week since Rift launched might be an understatement thanks to Apple Vision Pro. Reaching over 200k preorders as mainstream media reviews came in, we'll bring you our review soon. Meta confirmed Quest 3 drove its highest ever quarterly revenue for Reality Labs, Quest 3 became Steam's 3rd most used headset, while Quest v62 launched. Elsewhere, Panasonic sold Shiftall and Vive Ultimate Trackers now have PC VR beta support.

With VR gaming, PlayStation's State of Play announced Metro Awakening and a Legendary Tales port, while Ultrawings 2 reached PSVR 2. Stranger Things VR got a release date, Project Demigod and Rogue Stargun released, Ghostbusters and Asgard's Wrath 2 got updates, Zenith: Nexus was revealed, and February's Quest+ games dropped. As for Apple Vision Pro games, we learned about Synth Riders, Puzzling Places, Game Room, Soul Spire and more.

It's been a busy week, so we're highlighting five stories we couldn't previously cover before. Here's a few more VR updates:

Death Horizon: Reloaded Gets Mixed Reality Update

Death Horizon: Reloaded, the 2019 VR FPS from Horizon Lab, just received mixed reality support in its latest update. Exclusive to Quest 2 and Quest 3, that's free for all existing owners and you can see that in action above.

Ruff Talk VR Hosted A VR Gaming Showcase

Presented by the Ruff Talk VR Podcast, the father-son duo hosted a new VR gaming showcase on February 2. Alongside a Silent Slayer: Vault of the Vampire trailer from Schell Games, the showcase featured Combat Waffle Studios (Ghosts of Tabor), Mighty Coconut (Walkabout Mini Golf), Sinn Studio (Swordsman VR), XReal Games (Zero Caliber 2), Sandford Tech (Slot Car VR) and plenty more.

Space Salvage Gets A Quest 3 Upgrade

Space Salvage, a retro-themed VR sci-fi game that mixes corporate satire with space adventure, just received a Quest 3 update. According to developer Fruity Systems, this update adds 90FPS performance, a revamp for some VFX and brighter environments.

Museum Alive Immersive with David Attenborough Reaches Apple Vision Pro


Museum Alive Immersive with David Attenborough marks the acclaimed documentary filmmaker's latest VR experience. Available now on Apple Vision Pro, you can discover three photorealistic fossils of long-lost animals, watching them come to life in your home environment.

Rock and Roots Gets New Gameplay Trailer

Created by XOCUS (Z-RacePresentiment of Death), Rock and Roots is a new fantasy VR adventure. Using spells to fend off enemies and a card system to conjure allies, you're tasked with reclaiming your place on the throne. That's coming to Quest and Steam on February 28.

Other Updates

Looking for further VR news stories? Here's what else we've seen this across last week:

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