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Soul Spire Is An Exclusive Apple Vision Pro Puzzle Game

Soul Spire key art

Soul Spire is an exclusive Apple Vision Pro puzzle game that launches this week.

Created by Soul Assembly (Drop Dead: The Cabin), Soul Spire's premise sees you freeing friendly ghosts trapped within spires of color-shifting cubes. Describing eye and hand movement as an integral part of the gameplay, Soul Assembly aims to create a "serene, meditative atmosphere" with a lo-fi beats soundtrack.

While we've yet to see gameplay footage, here's a few screenshots:

Describing the interactivity as infused with elements of Zen, Soul Assembly confirms in a press release that Soul Spire's gameplay also includes collectible mechanics. Letting you amass a series of different 'Ghosties' through puzzle solving, the studio claims this adds "depth and personality" to the game.

Soul Spire will launch exclusively on Apple Vision Pro on February 2.

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