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Apple Vision Pro: Every Confirmed AR/VR Game So Far

Apple Vision Pro: Every Confirmed AR/VR Game So Far

Interested in what games you can play on Apple Vision Pro? Here's the full line-up.

Out on February 2 in the US, Apple Vision Pro is almost here but the $3,500 headset isn't specifically focused on gaming. Because Vision Pro won't include tracked controllers, the kinds of VR/AR/MR games that will be available may be quite a bit different from other headsets, and Apple is insisting on calling them "spatial" games.

So, if you're planning to pick up Apple Vision Pro and are curious to know how it handles AR/VR gaming, only a handful of options are currently confirmed as on the way. We'll continue updating this list as more announcements come in but, for now, here are all the confirmed Apple Vision Pro games:


Colorful bubbles, some containing abstract shapes, float in a living room setting in Blackbox.

Blackbox is an Apple Vision Pro launch game that adapts Shapes & Stories' popular iOS app. It challenges you to solve puzzles by interacting with your space, like by moving your body in a certain way or through Morse code. Initially starting with seven puzzles, more are promised in the coming months.



Previously launched on Quest App Lab, Contour is a mixed reality based drawing / painting app. Speaking to UploadVR, Dehats Studio informed us that its taking a two-step approach to Contour by initially integrating hand-tracking support on Quest, followed by an Apple Vision Pro port.


One of the best games available on Meta Quest, Demeo is also coming to Apple Vision Pro. A virtual game board with up to four-player co-op, you battle monsters within dungeons through turn-based combat across fantasy campaigns. On Vision Pro, developer Resolution Games previously confirmed Demeo includes playing the game in either fully immersive VR or mixed reality.

Game Room

Previously spotted during the Apple Vision Pro reveal, Game Room is a spatial board & card game collection from Resolution Games that's arriving at launch. Featuring Chess, Solitaire, Hearts, Yacht and Sea Battle, you can battle AI or play others in online multiplayer.


Illustrated is a relaxing puzzle game that uses paintings from famous worldwide artists, such as Vincent Van Gogh in collaboration with the Van Gogh Museum. Arriving on February 2, post-launch content updates are planned.

Just Hoops

Just Hoops - Quest MR trailer

Currently available on Quest App Lab and Pico, Just Hoops is a retro-inspired arcade basketball game with mixed reality support from Realcast. Speaking to UploadVR, Creative Director Diego Fernandez-Bravo confirmed it's also coming to Apple Vision Pro with the team targeting launch on February 2.


Described as a holistic VR wellbeing app focused on interactivity, Mindway previously appeared on Quest App Lab, supporting meditation courses, daily mindful practices, ASMR and more. Speaking to UploadVR, co-founder Tim Levent Yurdum confirmed Mindway is currently "on track" to launch on Vision Pro by February 2nd.


Patterned calls itself a "zen puzzler" that uses Apple Vision Pro to create landscapes of seamless, repeating patterns. Upon fully assembling a pattern, you will be transported into a fully-immersive, 360° panorama for it. Arriving on February 2, post-launch content updates are planned.

Puzzling Places

Puzzling Places, a meditative 3D jigsaw puzzle game, is coming to Apple Vision Pro as a free launch game. Redesigned from the ground up on Apple Vision Pro to use its eye and hand-tracking interface, it includes three puzzles with more planned through post-launch DLC.

Rec Room

Rec Room remains a popular social experience across VR and flatscreen platforms, so it's little surprise to see it's coming to Apple Vision Pro. It currently only supports controller inputs, though the studio previously confirmed hand tracking controls are being developed. A release date remains unknown.

Soul Spire

Soul Spire is a launch game coming exclusively to Apple Vision Pro. Created by Soul Assembly (Drop Dead: The Cabin), Soul Spire's premise sees you freeing friendly ghosts trapped within spires of color-shifting cubes. Featuring a lo-fi beats soundtrack, Soul Assembly states eye and hand movement is an integral part of the puzzle gameplay.

Super Fruit Ninja

Continuing the trend of Fruit Ninja VR adaptations following last year's Fruit Ninja VR 2, Halfbrick's next entry is Super Fruit Ninja. Apple confirmed that instead of motion controllers, you'll use your hands to slice fruit directly. Across three new screenshots, this provided our first look at Apple Vision Pro's passthrough quality for gaming.

Synth Riders

Kluge Interactive has rebuilt Synth Riders "from the ground up" for Apple Arcade. Using a "brand-new audio-reactive spatial environment" for Apple Vision Pro, Synth Riders comes with 70 songs across nine packs, including Electro Swing Essentials 2, uses Apple Game Center for leaderboards and it's available on February 2.



Developed by Ditached, TinyFins sees you controlling a school of fish within your living space. Using your hand as a guide, you must direct them through different rings while avoiding threats like sharks and the pufferfish. That's arriving on February 2 for $4.99.

What The Golf?

Initially released in 2019 on mobile before subsequent PC and Switch ports, Triband's original game is being adapted for Vision Pro. This physics-based golf parody promises to "transform the space around players" on February 2nd.

Wisp World

Created by Liquid City (GOFL), described itself as an ornament for your desk that houses a tiny forest spirit brought to life through generative AI. "Feed your new friend, and engage in thought-provoking and entertaining conversations together to help the plants grow," the studio confirms in a press release.

Other Games

As for the rest, we've seen Apple mention a few additional spatial games that we've yet to receive any further details on. Here's what else is coming to Apple Vision Pro:

  • Bloons TD 6+
  • Cut the Rope 3
  • Jetpack Joyride 2
  • stitch.
  • Wylde Flowers

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If you're working on an Apple Vision Pro game we should know about for this article, you can use our contact page or email with details.

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