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Synth Riders Adds Nine New Songs With Electro Swing Essentials 2

Synth Riders - Electro Swing Essentials 2 DLC

Synth Riders gets nine new songs with the Electro Swing Essentials 2 pack.

It's been nearly four years since the first Electro Swing Essentials pack released for Synth Riders, the rhythm game's first DLC pack. Returning to that genre once more, Kluge Interactive confirmed this latest update adds nine further songs. The full playlist can be found on Spotify and here's the new trailer:

While nine songs are included with Electro Swing Essentials 2, four tracks are free to all Synth Riders owners, which we've listed:

  • Keep You in Line (feat. Cissie) - Jamie Berry
  • Keep on Smilin (feat. Emma Lea & Ashley Slater) - Wolfgang Lohr
  • Watch Your Tongue - PiSk, Little Violet
  • Silent Movie - Little Violet

As for the five premium songs, those can be bought in a bundle for $7.99 or you can buy individual songs for $1.99:

  • Guilty Pleasure - Jamie Berry (feat. Little Violet)
  • Boring 20s - Tamela D'Amico, Wolfgang Lohr & Ashley Slater
  • Magic Man (feat. J Fitz) - Balduin & Wolfgang Lohr
  • Let's Start Again (Odd Chap Remix) - Cut Capers
  • Rose - Swingrowers

“We’re stoked to release a second installment of Electro Swing Essentials. I love the way artists in this genre explore the boundary between the old and the new," says Abraham Aguero Benzecri, Creative Director in a press release. "It’s such a good fit for Synth Riders, where our creative aesthetic has always been that same retro-futuristic space.”

Electro Swing Essentials 2 is out now on PSVR 2, Quest and PC VR version.

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