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About Us

UploadVR (UVR Media, LLC) is a news organization focused on the intersection between people and VR/AR. Our distributed team of dedicated journalists cover important software and hardware releases as well as the researchers and developers driving augmented reality and virtual reality into wider use. We strive for fairness, accuracy, and depth in our coverage, and we advocate the safe, ethical, and inclusive use of these technologies.

Kyle Riesenbeck

Operations Manager

Guiding UploadVR into the future. Manager, journalist, podcaster, early adopter.

Ian Hamilton


Ian Hamilton is a journalist and editor based in the United States. He is interested in how simulations affect people.

Henry Stockdale


Henry is a Staff Writer for UploadVR. He mainly focuses on gaming and takes great interest in how VR technology can create unique experiences.

Harry Baker


Harry has covered the VR/AR industry since 2019. He comes from a technology and gaming background, with experience in creative writing, editing and journalism.

David Heaney

Writer & Developer

Writes about VR & AR technology news & industry trends. Usually on the VR Download podcast.

Beck Gibson

Marketing Director