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Demeo Developer Resolution Games Built Game Room On Apple Vision Pro

Game Room Apple Vision Pro artwork

Resolution Games is the developer behind Game Room, a spatial board & card game collection launching on Apple Vision Pro this week.

Initially spotted during the Apple Vision Pro reveal, we've known for sometime that Game Room would be a launch game but until now, very little was known about it. With Apple's new headset launching on February 2, we've now learned that Resolution Games, best known for Demeo, Racket Club and Blaston, is the studio developing it.

Featuring five games at launch, we've listed those below:

  • Chess - the strategy board game of pawns and kings for two players (play with others in real-time or with turn based correspondence on your own schedule)
  • Solitaire - organize cards into ordered piles in the best-known version of solitaire
  • Hearts - a trick-taking card game of collecting suits and shooting the moon
  • Yacht - roll the dice and rack up the points in this six-sided twist on poker
  • Sea Battle - sink enemy ships before they sink yours

Detailed in a press release, Resolution says Game Room uses a new 3D user interface and input system controlled by your eyes, hands, and voice. You can battle AI but for online multiplayer, Game Room lets you connect with other players through FaceTime using SharePlay, Game Center Friend Invites or Game Center Quickmatch.

"The physically-based rendering that Apple Vision Pro supports allows for gaming experiences that are practically indistinguishable from their real-world counterparts," says Tommy Palm, Resolution Games CEO and founder, in a prepared statement. "By reproducing classic gaming pieces that everyone is familiar with, from playing cards to pawns, we’re excited to be able to showcase this incredible capability of Apple Vision Pro."

Game Room isn't the only Apple Vision Pro Game Resolution's currently working on. While the studio previously announced that Demeo is being ported to Apple's latest headset, Resolution confirmed that a third, currently undisclosed project is also in the works.

Game Room arrives on February 2 on Apple Vision Pro through an Apple Arcade subscription for $6.99 monthly. It's also coming to iPhone and iPad.

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