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Blaston Now Available On Pico 4 & Pico Neo 3

Blaston Now Available On Pico 4 & Pico Neo 3

Resolution Games one-on-one arcade shooter Blaston is now available on the Pico platform for both Pico 4 and Pico Neo 3 Link.

Resolution confirmed that Blaston would be heading over to Pico late last year, while also detailing an update with major revamps to the game, including a move to a free-to-play model:

Starting in 2023, Blaston will be coming to Pico Neo 3 Link and Pico 4. In addition to Blaston’s shift to free-to-play, today’s update brings a number of additions and upgrades including new weapon attachments and skins, a revamped in-game store, and a reward for all players who purchased the game prior to December 15: a Golden Gratitude Pack (a $50+ value) containing Golden Gratitude Clamos and Golden Gratitude Viper (exclusive skins not obtainable any other way) and 1,160 Blasts that can be used in Blaston’s in-game shop.

Blaston isn’t the first game in the Resolutions Games catalog to get ported over to Pico – the studio’s social tabletop VR game Demeo has been available on the platform since the Pico Neo 3.

Resolution Games is one of the longest-standing and most esteemed VR game studios. In November last year, the studio held its first studio showcase, unveiling new updates (such as Blaston’s move to free-to-play) and exciting new projects, such as the mixed reality multiplayer shooter Spatial Ops.

Blaston is now available free-to-play on Quest, PC VR and Pico headsets.

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