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Synth Riders Rebuilt 'From The Ground Up' For Apple Vision Pro

Synth Riders key art on Apple Vision Pro

Synth Riders was rebuilt "from the ground up" for Apple Vision Pro, joining an increasing list of launch games.

Though Synth Riders was mentioned in early Apple Vision Pro reviews, Kluge Interactive today confirmed it's arriving this week through Apple Arcade. Using a "brand-new audio-reactive spatial environment" for Apple Vision Pro, Synth Riders comes with 70 songs across nine packs, including Electro Swing Essentials 2, and uses Apple Game Center for leaderboards. Here's the new gameplay footage:

Because Apple Vision Pro doesn't use traditional motion controllers like the other VR headsets it's available on, Synth Riders relies on hand-tracking support, something Kluge previously confirmed was being considered. Comfort and accessibility settings like removing obstacles, one-handed play, seated play, and presets for visuals are also supported. You can also swap between fully immersive or mixed reality environments.

“With Synth Riders on Apple Vision Pro, we’ve re-imagined our beloved rhythm game with new visuals and gameplay," says Arturo Perez, Kluge Interactive CEO, in a prepared statement. "For the first time, players experience the notes and rails with immersive hand-tracking and interactive effects that let them feel the music in a whole new way."

Synth Riders arrives on February 2 on Apple Vision Pro through an Apple Arcade subscription for $6.99 monthly.

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