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Stranger Things VR Visits The Upside Down On February 22

Stranger Things VR screenshot

Stranger Things VR has a new release date on Quest.

Previously targeting a November 30 launch last year, Tender Claws eventually announced a late delay for Stranger Things VR, stating the extra time would let them "squash any remaining demo-bats." Until now, the Quest Store page only had a vague February release window but today the studio revealed it's coming on February 22.

Stranger Things VR is a psychological horror action game where you play as season four's main antagonist, Vecna. Letting you relive his memories as Henry Creel pre-transformation, you can grab, crush, and throw opponents using telekinesis, opening portals to different worlds. While the game has VR in its title, it also includes mixed reality content.

Stranger Things VR reaches the Meta Quest platform on February 22 for $29.99 with a 10% pre-order discount available. It's also coming to other "major VR platforms," though specific headsets remain unconfirmed.

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