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Zombie Shooter Death Horizon Adds 8 New Game Modes, New Features

Zombie Shooter Death Horizon Adds 8 New Game Modes, New Features

Death Horizon: Reloaded is getting an update with 8 new games modes and integration with Oculus social features on Quest.

The eight new game modes, included as part of the ‘Challenges’ update, are called Deep Dark Dare, See No Evil, Head Hunter, Curse Me Good, Close combat, Dead Redemption, This Is My Rifle and Speed Run. The developers don’t go into much detail on what these game modes will entail, except that they are all intended for single player only and each have their own score table. You can get a sneak peek of the new modes in the trailer below.

The development team has also added a bunch of new features that integrate directly with Oculus features. Death Horizon now supports challenges, travel together, parties and destination. This opens up more accessible playing options for multiplayer sessions. For example, you and your friends can party up in the Quest Home using social tab and then all travel into the game together directly, with just the touch of one button — there’s no need to leave the party and meet each other in-game, it’s all synced together from start to finish.

There’s also visual effects changes, that vastly improve effects like explosions and muzzle flashes, and some general bug fixes as well.

Death Horizon originally launched on Gear VR and Google Daydream as an on-rails, 3DOF zombie FPS. In September 2019, developers Dream Dev Studio announced a retooled version of the game, Death Horizon: Reloaded, would launch for Oculus Quest. In April last year, Death Horizon received an update with some visual improvements and a new chapter that added a new boss.

The Challenges update for Death Horizon: Reloaded is available now for Oculus Quest.

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