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Aerial Dogfighter Aces of Thunder Reveals New US Aircraft On PSVR 2

Aces of Thunder

War Thunder spinoff Aces of Thunder brings aerial dogfighting to PSVR 2, and Gaijin detailed its starting US aircraft.

"Thanks to the PlayStation VR2 helmet, you will be able to sit in the detailed simulated cockpit of your favorite WWII aircraft and take to the skies over the battlefields of Eastern, Western and Pacific fronts!" says Gaijin Entertainment. Explaining you can pick aircraft from five different nations immediately, we've now got a better look at the initial Aces of Thunder US aviation line-up.


Gajin confirmed three new US fighters and a bomber: First is the P-63 Kingcobra, which was mainly supplied to the USSR for use across the Pacific front. Second is the P-47 Thunderbolt, which saw use across European operations by the USA, USSR, Free France and Brazil. Then we have the previously confirmed P-51 Mustang, which escorted bombers during raids against Germany and Japan. Finally, you can choose the SB2C Helldiver dive bomber.

A release window remains unconfirmed for Aces of Thunder, but it's arriving exclusively on PSVR 2. You can find out more from the initial reveal back in March.

Aces Of Thunder Flight Sim Revealed For PSVR 2
Sony revealed Aces of Thunder is on the way with PlayStation VR2 support.

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