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Legendary Tales Secures Full Steam Release & PSVR 2 Port Next Week

Legendary Tales VR

Legendary Tales leaves Steam Early Access next week, and it's also coming to PSVR 2.

Developed by Urban Wolf Games, Legendary Tales is a dark fantasy RPG with four-player co-op that first appeared in September 2021. Featuring physics-based combat using medieval weapons or magical spells, Legendary Tales promises a quest-driven storyline with skill trees, explorable dungeons, crafting and more. Here's the new trailer:

Detailed on PlayStation Blog, Legendary Tales features numerous upgrades on PSVR 2. It supports 4K HDR, eye tracking, adaptive triggers, headset haptic feedback and "Ultra-Sharp Dynamic Foveation Rendering," which the studio states is "2.0-2.4 times" higher than the original resolution. Native 90 FPS performance is also promised.

We had positive impressions in our 2021 Legendary Tales early access review. Though we found "fights in some areas awkward," we considered it a "hugely promising start" that offers "genuine depth, impressive physicality and one of the most enjoyable co-op experiences" at that time.

Legendary Tales reaches PSVR 2 on February 8. While it's out now on Steam Early Access, the full release also arrives on the same day.

Legendary Tales Is A Winning Mix Of VR Physics And RPG Depth
Legendary Tales offers a winning mix of physics-driven combat and RPG depth. Read on for our Early Access impressions! Legendary Tales would be worth a look had it just successfully taken the Blade & Sorcery formula and applied it to a linear dungeon crawler. The game’s physics-driven melee combat is

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