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Ghosts Of Tabor Relaunches On Quest & Steam After Reaching $10 Million Revenue

Ghosts of Tabor VR

Ghosts of Tabor relaunches today on the main Quest store and PC VR.

Developed by Combat Waffle Studios, Ghosts of Tabor initially launched last March in early access on Quest and PC VR, offering an extraction-based VR FPS survival game with PvP and PvE modes. Previously released through Quest App Lab, Meta's alternative store with more experimental content and less visibility, it's now moving onto the main Quest store.

Detailing this further, Combat Waffle later revealed two new bundles available on Quest and PC VR. Available as 'Starter Packs' for newcomers or as paid upgrades for existing owners, the Nuclear Night edition includes a selection of weapons, currency and other consumables. Items included in this upgrade remain even after Ghosts of Tabor's periodic progression wipes.

As for the Independence Edition, that's a time-limited offer only available until March 9. Featuring all the Nuclear Night content upgrades and a unique 'Liberty Bell' arm patch, this notably grants any buyers all current and future DLCs for no further charge.

Ghosts Of Tabor starter packs
Ghosts Of Tabor starter packs

Alongside the initial launch news, Combat Waffle and publisher Beyond Frames Entertainment also released updated figures for Ghosts of Tabor's revenue and player count. Having previously earned $3 million on App Lab alone and reaching 100k players, Ghosts of Tabor has now earned over $10 million across both platforms and hit 500k players.

“It’s hard to believe that only 22 months after launching our studio, we’ve amassed such a massive and dedicated community... In the last month alone we saw more than 120,000 players on active duty," said Scott Albright, founder and CEO of Combat Waffle Studios.

Ghosts of Tabor is out today on SteamVR and Quest, the latter featuring cross-buy Rift support. Pico and PSVR 2 releases are also coming, though release dates remain unconfirmed.

Notice: This article was originally published on January 24, 2024. It was updated on February 8, 2024, to reflect the relaunch and new information about the starter packs.

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