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Space Salvage Delivers An 80s Themed Sci-Fi Adventure This Week On Quest & PC VR

Space Salvage VR key art

Space Salvage delivers a retro-themed VR sci-fi adventure, mixing corporate satire with space adventure this week on Quest and Steam.

Developed by Fruity Systems, Space Salvage is an 80s inspired adventure that hopes to capture the attention of Red Dwarf, Firefly and Hitchhiker's Guide to the Galaxy fans. Joining an intergalactic corporation as a trainee, your goal involves gathering resources from 30 different environments and crash sites, accompanied by a cold-hearted AI companion.

Successful missions let you slowly climb the corporate ladder, awarding credits to gradually upgrade your ships. Missions often involve fending off enemy units in space combat, too. Finally, Space Salvage contains three narrative paths and in a press release, Fruity Systems advised this features "darkly comedic characters."

We previously went hands-on with Space Salvage during EGX 2022 and enjoyed this satire-laced take on space adventuring. Though we noted ship acceleration felt "somewhat fiddly," we enjoyed the otherwise over-the-top humor, exploration and combat, calling this demo a "promising start."

Space Salvage arrives on November 2 for the Meta Quest platform and PC VR. A free demo is available now on App Lab and Steam.

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