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ICYMI This Week: Medieval Dynasty, Onward, X8 & More

ICYMI This Week: Medieval Dynasty, Onward, X8 & More

Looking for this week's VR games and hardware news? Here's our latest roundup.

There's been interesting developments across VR hardware recently. Following Mark Zuckerberg's claims that Quest 3 is better than Apple Vision Pro and our in-depth Apple Vision Pro review, we learned Meta's planning to rework some of Quest's core UI infrastructure. Quest 3 and Pro can now use hand-tracking and controllers simultaneously, Meta's looking at neural wristbands, while Sony confirmed PC support is coming for PSVR 2.

As for VR gaming, we reflected on PSVR 2's debut year as Sony announced Little Cities: Bigger!, Zombie Army VR and a The Wizards - Dark Times: Brotherhood port. Wanderer's remake secured a release date, No Man's Sky kicked off the Omega expedition, while Mannequin started an open alpha test. There was also news for Racket Club, Ironstrike, Genotype, Bootstrap Island, Tiger Blade, Anarchitects, Hubris, Stride: Fates, Beat the Beats and so much more.

VR news continues to be busy and once again, we're highlighting five stories we couldn't previously cover before. Here's a few additional updates:

Medieval Dynasty New Settlement Reaches Quest On March 28

Medieval Dynasty New Settlement confirmed its release date. Reaching Quest on March 28, this survival, resource-gathering VR game tasks you with creating a lasting dynasty. That involves building construction, cooking, crafting, hunting and more across an open-world environment.

VR Drumming Game Taiko Frenzy Receives Visual Overhaul

Taiko Frenzy, a free-to-play Japanese-themed VR percussion rhythm game currently in early access, received a major visual update on Quest App Lab. Calling this the 'Omagatoki Update,' this comes with a new mode, a UI overhaul, a height calibration tool and more.

X8 Adds Rush Respawn Mode And Gameplay Changes In New Update


X8, Thirdverse's 5v5 multiplayer VR hero shooter, launched its third major update on Steam and Quest. That includes a new 'Rush Respawn' mode that turns 'Search and Destroy' into a respawn-enabled battle designed for newcomers with 3v3 combat. There's also a new task system for earning coins, enhanced tutorial and practice modes, simplified VR interactions and a new Demolition mode.

Happy Hour Hero Launched On Quest App Lab

Drums Rock celebrated this week's one-year anniversary for PSVR2 with the Power Metal Music Pack DLC. You can find the full tracklist below:

  • Hearts on Fire (Hammerfall)
  • King for a Day (Battle Beast)
  • Blood Of The Elves (Blind Guardian)
  • When Angels Kill (Fifth Angel)
  • Twilight Force (Twilight Force)
  • Higher (Northtale)

Onward Receives New PvE Mercenary Mode

Onward added a new multi-mission PvE operation called Mercenary Mode, which lets you complete contracts and compete for the highest score. This update also introduced a visual update for the Bazaar map, adding updated textures, new palm trees, new vehicle assets, updated environmental audio and more.

Other Updates

Looking for further VR news stories? Here's what else we've seen this across last week:

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