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Genotype Ends Quest Exclusivity With PC VR Port Tomorrow

Genotype screenshot

Following its recent Quest 3 update, Antarctic adventure Genotype marks PC VR as its next destination tomorrow.

Released last October, Genotype is a narrative VR action shooter set in a South Pole research base overrun by dangerous monsters that was initially exclusive to Quest. Following on from Quest 3 upgrades, difficulty settings and the recent relaunch via the Combat Update, it's now coming to Steam and Rift on February 22. Cross-buy support between Rift and Quest is also confirmed.

We enjoyed Bolverk's latest game in our Genotype review, which we reviewed before the Quest 3 update launched. Though we considered its "shortcomings in combat and pacing" as notable flaws, we believed it still offers a "solid sci-fi adventure," praising the weapons mechanics and narrative.

Genotype reaches PC VR via Steam and Rift on February 22. Elsewhere, it's available now on the Meta Quest platform.

Genotype Review: An Ambitious Sci-Fi Shooter Without Any Guns
Genotype is an ambitious sci-fi shooter with a catch – there’s no guns. Read our review here:

Notice: This article was initially published on November 13, 2023. It was updated on February 21, 2024 to reflect the PC VR release date confirmation.

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