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Genotype Gets Overhauled With New Combat Update On Quest

Genotype Gets Overhauled With New Combat Update On Quest

Genotype relaunches the VR Metroidvania-inspired adventure today with overhauled combat on Quest.

Released last October, Genotype is a narrative FPS action game set in an Antarctic research base overrun by dangerous monsters. Detailed in a press release, this introduces five new "radically different" weaponized creatures, a new upgrade system for your GRAID Gloves, refined combat spaces, additional enemies, environmental visual updates and more.


“Introducing new content and mechanics keeps things interesting and dynamic throughout the game," said CTO Lasse Tassing in a prepared statement. “Players will see the biggest difference in the mid, and late-game combat situations. Early review feedback suggested that combat could sometimes become repetitive, and that is definitely not the case anymore.”

The Combat Update marks Genotype's fifth update since launch, and developer Bolverk Games previously added difficulty settings, additional exploration and lore. November also introduced Quest 3 upgrades like a visual boost that "matches the resolution in PC VR," 4K lightmaps and more.

Genotype is out now on the Meta Quest platform with a 40% discount to celebrate the Combat Update. It's also launching "soon" on Rift, Steam and PSVR 2.

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