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DigiGods Is A VR/MR Sandbox Inspired By Roblox & Garry's Mod

DigiGods Is A VR/MR Sandbox Inspired By Roblox & Garry's Mod

Inspired by Roblox and Garry's Mod, VR/MR sandbox game DigiGods confirmed a release date on Quest App Lab.

Described as combining the "limitless creativity" of Roblox with a physics-based drag-and-drop system like Garry's Mod, DigiGods takes place in a full real-time multiplayer environment. Squido Studio (No More Rainbows) states you can "build, play, and share their creations with no scripting or coding involved," adding that you can create puzzles, a zero gravity team shooter, board games and more.

"Building and playing occur simultaneously, thanks to the innovative interaction between players and entities known as Celestials, ensuring a seamless and boundaryless experience," confirms Squido in a press release. The developer also promises "massive" regular content updates across monthly seasons that contain new objects and activities.

During the initial announcement, Squido also provided news on No More Rainbows, which released the Molten Shores update last November. Announcing that the adventure platformer has been experienced by 500k players since its beta release, Squido confirmed that following its launch on Quest, Steam and Pico, a PSVR 2 release is planned for Q2 2024.

DigiGods launches in early access via Quest App Lab as a free-to-play experience on April 23.

Notice: This article, initially published on February 20, 2024, was updated on March 15, 2024, to reflect the release date confirmation. Another update was made on May 22 when Anarchitects changed its name to DigiGods.

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