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No More Rainbows Expands Campaign With Molten Shores Update Next Month

No More Rainbows - Molten Shores Update

No More Rainbows expands its solo campaign with the Molten Shores update, arriving next month on Quest and PC VR.

Released in June, developer Squido has continued updating its adventure platformer ever since. While last month's update gave No More Rainbows a six-player free-for-all Deathmatch Mode, it's now introducing a new single-player world called the 'Molten Shores,' described as an oceanic realm mixed with beach fronts and volcanic landscapes.


Notably, Molten Shores introduces a new swimming mechanic, letting you explore underwater using arm-based locomotion with a limited amount of oxygen. Hidden pinatas and crystals are scattered across each level for in-game rewards, alongside a new unlockable skin for The Beast.

We recommended Squido's VR platformer in our No More Rainbows review. Praising its movement system, campaign and visuals, we considered it "a breath of fresh air" for the Quest platform.

No More Rainbows takes the classic platformer and brings it crashing into VR in a way that is both innovative and familiar. The excellent mechanics truly capitalize on the physicality of VR, matched with a solid campaign and a creative (and exhausting) multiplayer mode. 

The Molten Shores update arrives on December 7, and No More Rainbows is currently 40% off in the Quest Black Friday sale. As for SteamVR, it's included in the Steam Autumn Sale with a 20% discount.

No More Rainbows Review – A Genre-Defining Platformer For VR
No More Rainbows uses a Gorilla Tag-like movement system to create a masterful new VR platformer full of physicality. Read our review here:

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