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No More Rainbows Receives Deathmatch Mode Next Week

No More Rainbows Receives Deathmatch Mode Next Week

No More Rainbows is getting a Deathmatch mode in next week's update on Quest and PC VR.

Released in June, No More Rainbows offers an adventure platformer with arm-based locomotion that sees you restoring your homeworld. Developer Squido Games confirmed a post-launch roadmap during the UploadVR Summer Showcase 2023 and this major update adds a six-player free-for-all Deathmatch Mode with six maps.

Further additions include three new power-ups. 'Sword' can be used once to immediately skewer an enemy, 'Milkshake' grants you temporary invincibility while 'White Berry' lets you create wind vortexes that are useful for traps. A Gold cosmetic tier is also coming alongside leaderboards with world rankings per game mode. Finally, there's a new lobby system for dedicated game modes.

No More Rainbows receives this latest update on October 5, while the main game is available now on Steam and the Meta Quest platform.

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