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The Wizards - Dark Times: Brotherhood Remasters The Magical Adventure This Fall

The Wizards - Dark Times: Brotherhood

The Wizards - Dark Times will receive the free 'Brotherhood' update this fall, adding co-op and other improvements to the spellbinding action adventure.

Developed by Carbon Studio, The Wizards - Dark Times first released three years ago, set in the plague-ridden realm of Meliora. Carbon's teased co-op since 2021 and two years on, it's happening. Supporting three players as either Frost, Fire or Storm mages, each character features a separate skill tree. The new trailer also highlights visual enhancements:

Publisher Vertigo Games describes Brotherhood as a remastered version with expanded content. New enemies and related variants are confirmed, new unique spells are available, while levels feature additional objectives and challenges. Greater environmental interactions, like climbing boulders and a trolley cart chase, are also mentioned.

Finally, Vertigo promises Brotherhood includes "optimized controls for greater ease of use and accuracy." The wording also mentions commanding power with "nothing but hand gestures." While this sounded like Brotherhood would introduce hand tracking support, an email to UploadVR from Vertigo rules this out, stating that sentence "refers to gestures made with controllers."

The Wizards: Dark Times is available now on Quest, Steam and Viveport, and Brotherhood arrives as a free update for existing owners on October 19.

Update: This article, initially published on August 15, was updated on the same day to include Vertigo Games' response about hand tracking support.

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