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Little Cities: Bigger! Enhances The VR City Sim For PSVR 2

Little Cities: Bigger!

Little Cities: Bigger! brings an enhanced version of the VR city simulator to PSVR 2 today.

Developed by Purple Yonder, Little Cities: Bigger! features all the updates previously released on Quest - Sandbox, Snowy Islands DLC, Attractions and Little Citizens. With the PSVR 2 version, publisher nDreams confirms this port features an enhanced frame rate, 4K resolution, eye tracking and haptic feedback support. You can see the launch trailer below:


Initially released in 2022, we recommended Purple Yonder's game in our Little Cities review on Quest. Later considering it to be one of the best Quest 2 games, we praised its "intelligent VR design" for the city simulator genre that works "optimally and intuitively."

Little Cities is an impressive effort from Purple Yonder and an accomplished city simulator. It effectively adapts the genre’s traditional mechanics into a distilled format that feels native and well considered for VR. The focus on immersive city design is the right approach, backed up by brilliant visuals and audio. The control scheme and UI fades into the background, as it should, leaving you to intuitively build your city without it ever getting in your way.

Little Cities: Bigger! is out now on PSVR 2, while the original version is available on the Meta Quest platform and Pico.

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Little Cities presents a new take on the city simulator genre, built from the ground up for VR. While it takes a more relaxed approach than traditional titles, the result is a concise, native VR game with a solid foundation and plenty of room to expand. Read on for our

Notice: This article, initially published on February 22, 2024, was updated on March 12 to reflect the game's launch on PSVR 2.

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