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Little Cities Snowy Island DLC Brings New Winter Islands, Buildings & More

Little Cities Snowy Island DLC Brings New Winter Islands, Buildings & More

Announced today during the Upload VR Winter Showcase, Purple Yonder and nDreams are introducing a new paid DLC expansion for Little Cities on the Quest platform, available tomorrow.

The Snowy Island DLC will be available from tomorrow, bringing a bunch of new winter and Christmas-themed content to the adorable city simulator. The DLC includes two new winter islands, covered in snow and bringing unique mechanics and challenges to deal with. Similar to other natural disasters in the base game, the Snowy Island DLC introduces an avalanche as a new form of natural disaster that can spell trouble for your city. Likewise, low temperatures will freeze water supplies, requiring you to place new utilities to maintain the supply to your citizens. There’s 10 new winter-themed attractions for you to bring some style and personal touch to your snowy city’s design, along with a total of 12 new utilities and buildings, such as Christmas tree fields, ski resorts and ice palaces.

Little Cities Snowy Islands

Following on from free content updates earlier in the year, Snowy Island is the first piece of paid content for Little Cities. After giving it a try earlier this week, it seems like another solid addition to the already fantastic city simulator. The new islands look charming with their new snowy makeover and the update integrates really well with the previous attractions update. You’re granted you a bunch of Christmas-themed attractions to place across you city from the get-go, making it really easy to design a winter wonderland with lots of charm.

The Little Cities Snowy Island DLC releases tomorrow for $6.99 as an in-game purchase or bundled together with the base game. Little Cities is also now available on the Pico platform. The new DLC and all post-launch updates are not available on Pico just yet, but nDreams and Purple Yonder say they are keen to bring them to the platform in the future.

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