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Fantasy VR Roguelike Ironstrike Gets New Level & Weapons With Aeon Update

Ironstrike VR

Ironstrike, a VR fantasy roguelike with momentum-based physics, gets a new level and new weapons.

Released last November, Ironstrike received its first major content patch with the free Aeon Update. Available now, this introduces a fae island level called Sylphan Tir, five new music tracks, additional dialogue lines, adjustments to difficulty balancing and more. There's also three new weapons - the Skywing Halberd polearm, a two-handed blade called the Fireweave Longsword, and a one-handed, double-pointed tip sword called The Archon’s Claw.

Developed by E McNeill (Ironlights), Ironstrike was previously described as being “all about capturing the power fantasy of classic role-playing experiences.” Playable solo or in co-op with up to four players, you'll fight over 50 enemy types across various environments with a momentum-based physics system, letting you pick one of three playable classes.

“I appreciate all the love the community has shown IRONSTRIKE so far, and now I’m poised to continue the hero’s journey with more improvements, a new level, and much more in this update,” states E McNeill in a press release. “We have many more adventures on the way, Please enjoy the Aeon Update and stay tuned!"

Ironstrike is available exclusively on the Meta Quest platform.

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