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Racket Club Adds Unranked Play & New Points System In Free Update

Racket Club Adds Unranked Play & New Points System In Free Update

VR sports game Racket Club adds unranked play, a new points system and more in a free update.

Launched last December, Resolution Games released its first major Racket Club update for all owners. Titled 'A New Spin,' this adds unranked online matches, new Singles drills in training mode, and player stats to track progress. The new points system lets you choose single-point rallies or stick with the current Ultra Rally approach, where longer rallies can score up to five points. Additional avatar cosmetics are also available.

"When we made a new racket sport that's only played with natural movements, we knew that eventually players that got very good at it would want to experiment," said Mathieu Castelli, Resolution Games' CCO in a prepared statement. "In the same way basketball fans were able to create their own variations over the years – from 3-on-3 to H-O-R-S-E – we want to give Racket Club players the same flexibility to iterate on the foundation we’ve built for a brand new racket sport."

We recommended Resolution's latest VR game in our Racket Club review. Awarding it 4/5 stars, we praised their approach to creating a social sports club mentality, believing it offers "something familiar yet refreshingly different."

By mixing elements of tennis, squash and pickleball, they've delivered an original experience that feels refreshing while playing to VR's immersive strengths. While solo content is limited and mixed reality support feels unnecessary, a highly compelling social multiplayer experience has me coming back for more.

Racket Club is available now on the Meta Quest platform, Pico and Steam.

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