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Hubris Enters The Arena With New Mode On PSVR 2 & Steam

Hubris VR arena mode screenshot

Hubris, Cyborn's VR action-adventure, gets a new Arena mode on PSVR 2 and Steam.

Initially launched for PC VR in 2022, Hubris sees you playing as a space marine traversing a strange alien world, tasked with locating a missing member of the OOO (Order of Objectivity) while taking down enemies. Following on from previous post-launch updates and ports, the new 3.0 patch introduces a brand new mode where you must survive several rounds against Uron invaders.

Playable across three difficulty tiers, this takes place outside of the main storyline, adding new upgrades and weapons like grenades. Cyborn confirms it's looking to expand Arena mode by "allowing players to experiment with combining upgrades, adding more maps and possibly more enemy types." However, the current focus is refining what's already out by gathering player feedback.

We enjoyed Hubris in our PC VR review. Though we enjoyed this action-adventure and praised its presentation, we criticized the enemy AI and lack of combat variety, though update 1.2 aimed to address these issues.

The game shines in some areas, such the visuals and well thought out mechanics, but is average in others, like the combat and storyline. Beyond the eye candy, Hubris probably won’t leave a huge lasting impression, but it’s still a standard action-adventure shooter that’s enjoyable enough to keep you playing through to the end.

Hubris is available now on the Meta Quest platform, PC VR, Pico and PSVR 2. A Vive XR Elite port is also "coming soon."

Hubris PC VR Review: Looks Aren’t Everything
Hubris is a visually stunning sci-fi, action-adventure VR game from Cyborn studio. The game delivers AAA-level graphics, but does the gameplay live up to the visuals? Find out in our full review of Hubris for PC VR. Hubris, the first large scale VR title from 3D animation and game studio

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