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Hubris Update 1.2 Promises Improved Combat & New Enemies

Hubris Update 1.2 Promises Improved Combat & New Enemies

Cyborn dropped a new Hubris update yesterday for PC VR, promising combat improvements and new enemy variants.

Update 1.2 marks the second major Hubris patch since releasing last month, and it follows previous balancing and quality-of-life changes in update 1.1 last month. Citing a focus on “balancing, stability, and combat,” this latest patch adds two new trooper variants, an alternative firing mode for the shotgun and advanced graphical settings designed for “higher range headsets and high-end GPUs.” To make combat “feel faster and more reactive,” Cyborn also says that it has also “tweaked settings to shorten waiting and reload times and added some changes to keep the action going.”

Those changes are joined by more minor balance updates, an overhauled menu system, and the ability to disable gameplay hints. You can read the full patch notes for more details.

“This is not the last update we’ll be pushing out for Hubris. We’ve got a few more changes still in the pipeline that will be made available to all later this year, one of them being ambient music,” Ives Agemans, Cyborn CEO and Game Director, confirmed in a prepared statement. “We are glad so many enthusiastic players are willing to support us as a studio and are willing to contribute with suggestions and help us further push Hubris.”

Update 1.2 is a welcome addition that tackles some of our biggest issues in our Hubris review last month. Though we enjoyed this action-adventure and had high praise for its visuals, we criticized the “lackluster” enemy AI and lack of combat variety.

The game shines in some areas, such the visuals and well thought out mechanics, but is average in others, like the combat and storyline. Beyond the eye candy, Hubris probably won’t leave a huge lasting impression, but it’s still a standard action-adventure shooter that’s enjoyable enough to keep you playing through to the end.

Hubris is available now for PC VR platforms, including Steam, where Cyborn is offering a 25% discount until February 6 to celebrate the update. It’s also coming to Meta Quest 2, PSVR 2 and “other unannounced platforms” later this year, though specific release dates remain unconfirmed.


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