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ICYMI This Week: Ghost Of Tsushima VR Mod, Nope Challenge, Chrono Weaver & More

Ghost of Tsushima VR mod

Seeking this week's biggest VR news? Here's our latest roundup with a few stories you may have missed.

In hardware news, more evidence emerged about Meta Quest 3S, Meta Connect 2024 confirmed dates, and we learned that John Carmack tried to kill Quest Pro. Quest v66 reduced passthrough distortion, added web browser support for Netflix and more. Virtual Desktop supports multiple monitors, the Pico 4S chipset reportedly leaked, Vive XR Elite owners can claim a deluxe pack, the PSVR 2 PC VR adapter arrives in August, and reports emerged about VisionOS 2 for Apple Vision Pro.

With VR gaming, Meta released a new cinematic trailer for Batman: Arkham Shadow. Hitman 3 VR: Reloaded is coming to Quest 3, Beat Saber released OST 7, Riven announced a release date, and Bonelab got a significant patch. We also covered Pistol Whip, The Exit 8 VR, Arcade Paradise VR, MiRacle Pool, Silent Slayer, Supernatural, X8 and June's Quest+ monthly games.

As for reviews, we offered our thoughts this week on Journey to Foundation, Silent Slayer: Vault of the Vampire, Sushi Ben and VRIDER. We also previewed BlackForge: A Smithing Adventure preview, offered our Homeworld: Vast Reaches impressions, and shared our preview/interview for Skydance's Behemoth. Further reviews are inbound for Death Horizon: Cyberfusion and F1 24.

Our full coverage is available here. But if you're after more updates, here are our top five VR news stories that we initially missed:

Ghost of Tsushima: Director's Cut Receives Unofficial VR Mod From Luke Ross

Luke Ross, who recently released an unofficial VR mod for Horizon Forbidden West, is back once more with a Ghost of Tsushima: Director's Cut VR Mod. Using the R.E.A.L. VR mod injector, it includes stereoscopic 3D and 6DOF support but doesn't currently support motion controls. That's only available if you subscribe to his Patreon.

Stride: Fates Receives Concrete Jungle Missions & Visual Update On PSVR 2

Following last month's Steam and PSVR 2 launch, Stride: Fates received a new update specifically for PSVR 2. That adds the Concrete Jungle location with new story missions that were previously missing and updates to most story levels. This update also removes all AI-generated assets, adds foveated rendering with eye tracking, and more.

Green Hell VR Co-Op Multiplayer Arrives In Q4 2024

We've known for over a year that Green Hell VR will introduce a four-player co-op mode and Incuvo recently provided an update. Now arriving in Q4 2024 for Quest and PSVR 2, the upcoming co-op mode allows you and your friends to hunt together, heal each other, build a joint shelter, and more.

Nope Challenges Reveals Post-Launch Roadmap With New Platforms & Challenges

Nope Challenge - Post-launch roadmap

Nope Challenge, a psychological game that lets you confront over 40 common phobias, revealed its post-launch roadmap. While short-term updates are limited to a new buddy and fixes, long-term plans include new challenges, mixed reality support, and an upcoming launch on Steam and Pico.

Chrono Weaver Is A VR Co-Op Puzzle Game You Can Play By Yourself

Developed by a two-person team at Ivory Crow Games, Chrono Weaver is a new VR physics puzzler that asks if you can play a co-op game alone. "Enter a mysterious science facility floating through space and solve mind-bending puzzles using a slingshot, physics, and time travel," stated the developer. A release date is unconfirmed, but the free demo is now available on Quest App Lab and Steam.

Other Updates

After some more updates? Here's everything else we've seen in VR news this week.

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