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Quest's Web Browser Now Supports Netflix

You can now watch Netflix in the web browser on Quest headsets, and it streams at up to 1080p.

Previously, the Quest browser showed incompatibility with Netflix when trying to play a movie or TV show from the service. Since 2019, Netflix offered the poorly-reviewed native VR app on the Quest Store instead. The VR app lacks downloads support and is capped at 480p.

With built-in web browser support, though, Netflix on Quest streams at up to 1080p and is viewable in passthrough, and while multitasking alongside other 2D apps. And if the web browser is included with the upcoming Horizon OS headsets too? Netflix should work there as well.

On Apple Vision Pro, the platforms allow users to watch Netflix in the Safari browser, but quality is limited. There's no direct Netflix app on Apple Vision Pro at present and you can't install the iPad or iPhone versions on the headset, though there is a third-party Netflix app with higher quality called Supercut.

Apple is preparing for announcements at WWDC next week with Meta lining up for September announcements at its Connect conference. Meta's fast release cadence adds new features on a seemingly constant basis, while Apple only just launched the Vision Pro in February.

That means there's a lot of opportunity for both companies to surprise with partnerships and new feature updates from major companies like Disney or Netflix.

This article was originally published June 4, when the feature was announced, and has been updated now that it has launched.

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