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Quest v66 Update "Significantly" Reduces Quest 3 Passthrough Distortion & Warping

Quest v66 Update "Significantly" Reduces Quest 3 Passthrough Distortion & Warping

The Quest v66 update "significantly" reduces Quest 3's passthrough distortion and warping, according to Meta.

The v66 update also brings an experimental option to use wrist-mounted menu buttons instead of the pinch gestures when using hand tracking, background audio and media controls, the ability to hide apps in your library, and a new sleep mode.

As always, keep in mind that Quest system software updates "roll out" gradually, so it may take a few days or even more than a week for your headset to get the Quest v66 update.

Passthrough Distortion & Warping Reduced

The v64 update in April improved Quest 3's passthrough dynamic range and exposure control to make screens readable and bright lights less blown out, at the cost of some image vibrancy.

With v66 Quest 3's passthrough is being improved yet again, this time bringing "significantly reduced passthrough distortions and improved hand alignment".


Comparison clip from Meta.

In our review of Quest 3 we harshly criticized the warping distortion, especially given that Meta markets it as the "first mainstream mixed reality headset".

Meta says it's rolling out the passthrough change gradually as a sub-update, so getting v66 doesn't automatically mean you have the improvement yet.

Background Audio

With v66 audio from the web browser and other 2D apps will now continue to play while you're in an immersive app. That means you can for example listen to music while playing a VR game.

Playback controls have been added to the Quest system menu, called the media control bar.

Wrist Menu Buttons

The v66 update introduces an experimental feature that replaces the hand tracking menu gestures (opening your palm and pinching your thumb and index finger together) with wrist-mounted menu buttons.

Some developers already use this location for hand tracking UI, so if Meta plans to one day make this the default those developers may need to change their approach.

Sleep Mode

If you want your Quest to download updates while not wearing it but don't want the battery to significantly drain, v66 adds a new Sleep Mode option to the power menu.

Meta claims it will let you start up the headset much faster than had you turned it off, and have the latest updates ready when you are.

Hide Library Apps

If you've downloaded a range of free App Lab demos and Quest Store experiences throughout your time owning a Quest you probably have quite a few apps you never want to use again clogging up your library.

With v66 you can now hide apps in the in-headset library, a long-requested feature by Quest power users.

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