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Quest 3S Seemingly Present In Background Of Video Posted By Meta CTO

Quest 3S Seemingly Present In Background Of Video Posted By Meta CTO

Meta's CTO seems to have a Quest 3S in the background of a video he posted on Threads.

Andrew Bosworth shared a Threads video comparing Quest 3 passthrough on v66 to v65 showing off the significant reduction in distortion. While Bosworth's video starts with the same scene as the video Meta provided to UploadVR, his version then transitions to a new scene of what appears to be a home office. And sitting on the desk is a white headset that isn't shaped like either Quest 3 or Quest 2.

The headset is clearly much thicker than Quest 3 but far less curved than Quest 2, with what looks to be cameras on the side and front. Quest 2 only has cameras on the corners, where none are visible here.

What it does look exactly like is the leaked design of Quest 3S, the headset which recently showed up listed on the official Quest Store.


The apparent Quest 3S was spotted by VR enthusiast Luna, who shared their finding on X. In what appears to be a teasing confirmation, Bosworth replied to Luna by saying "love that higher quality video over on Threads...".

For more details about Meta Quest 3S and how it should compare to Quest 3 and Quest 2, read our leaks and rumors roundup:

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