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PlayStation VR2's PC VR Adapter Releases In August For $60

PlayStation VR2's PC VR Adapter Releases In August For $60

The adapter to use PSVR 2 as a PC VR headset ships August 7.

The PlayStation VR2 PC Adapter will be available from PlayStation direct and "select retailers", priced at $60 / €60 / £50.

The adapter takes in the headset's single USB-C cable on one side. On the other side is a fixed USB-A cable for your PC, a DisplayPort port for your graphics card, and a third port that is likely for power from a socket.

Sony says you'll need your own DisplayPort cable, as one isn't included with the adapter. You'll also need Bluetooth to connect the PSVR 2 Sense controllers.

The adapter supports NVIDIA GTX 1650 / AMD RX 5500XT or later graphics card, though Sony recommends at least a RTX 3060 / RX 6600XT for decent performance. As always with PC gaming, the performance requirement will vary wildly between different titles.

Using PSVR 2 on PC will require downloading a PlayStation VR2 PC application, which includes a SteamVR driver and lets you set up your safety boundary in passthrough, as you do on the PlayStation 5 console.

PlayStation VR2's standout features are not available when using the headset on PC however, including eye tracking, HDR, headset rumble, adaptive triggers, and precision haptics on the controllers (regular vibration is supported).

While the lack of eye tracking precludes eye-tracked foveated rendering, Sony's driver will allow fixed foveated rendering, where the edges of the image are rendered at lower resolution than the center.

Sony first announced it planned to let PSVR 2 owners "access additional games on PC" back in February. The company didn't specify how this would work, but a "PlayStation VR2 PC Adapter" was recently certified by a South Korean regulator, leaking its existence.

The adapter will make PlayStation VR2 the only recent PC-capable VR headset with OLED panels that has built-in tracking and comes with controllers, and by far the most affordable. PSVR 2's OLED panels provide true blacks and far superior contrast and colors compared to LCD headsets, but with the tradeoff of a non-uniform fixed pattern noise over the entire screen called mura.

If you're interested in getting a PSVR 2 to use on PC, the headset is currently on sale for $100 off, meaning you can grab it for $450.

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