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PlayStation VR2 Is $100 Off For The Next 2 Weeks

PlayStation VR2 Is $100 Off For The Next 2 Weeks

PlayStation VR2 is $100 off until June 12.

The headset is available for $450, down from its regular price of $550, and the bundle with Horizon Call Of The Mountain is available for $500, down from its regular price of $600.

The PlayStation 5 console itself is also on sale, with a $50 discount available. That means you could get a PS5 (Digital Edition) and PSVR 2 for $850, instead of the usual price of $1000.

When bought from PlayStation Direct, both the console and headset come with 12 months of Netflix Premium.

Sony is also adding six PSVR 2 games to the PlayStation Plus Premium subscription catalog next week, including Walkabout Mini Golf and The Walking Dead: Saints & Sinners + Chapter 2: Retribution.

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However, we wouldn't strongly recommend buying PlayStation VR2 at this point, as the future of the platform seems uncertain at best.

While PSVR 2 had strong launch content with major titles like Horizon Call Of The Mountain, Gran Turismo 7, and Resident Evil Village, Sony has failed to deliver anything like this since. On PSVR 2's first anniversary in February Sony didn't announce new first-party or AAA games, instead revealing the surprising news it plans to let the headset work on PC later this year.

A few weeks after the anniversary Sony shut down the developer of original PSVR blockbuster Blood & Truth and laid off employees in the studios behind Horizon Call Of The Mountain. And in March Bloomberg reported Sony was pausing PSVR 2 headset production to clear a backlog of unsold units.

PSVR 2 also still lacks some of the original PSVR's biggest titles, including Skyrim VR, Minecraft, and Star Wars: Squadrons.

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Still, there are a few major third-party titles confirmed as coming to PSVR 2 later this year: Alien: Rogue Incursion and Metro Awakening. And if you're considering PSVR 2 as your first VR headset, you'll find a decent selection of VR's best indie titles from the past decade available on the PlayStation Store.

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