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Meta Offers Quest 3 $25 Monthly For Two Years With Quest+ Included

Meta Offers Quest 3 $25 Monthly For Two Years With Quest+ Included

Meta is pitching "play now, pay later" for Quest 3 headsets starting at $24.99 with a bundle including the Meta Quest+ gaming subscription and warranty for two years.

The math on the "buy now, pay later" page discounts the Quest 3 to bundle in the two year Quest+ gaming subscription as well as the company's "Warranty Plus" service, which requires a fee to repair "mishandling during normal usage, such as accidental drops or liquid spills or submersions".

The 512 GB model Quest 3 is priced $34.99 monthly over the same period.

This isn't the first time we've seen monthly pricing for VR headsets, but the Quest+ subscription has proven valuable to people who added access early on. The Meta Quest+ Games Catalog offers a rotating library for subscribers similar to PlayStation Plus Extra and Xbox Game Pass, and this month's games are Creed: Rise To Glory and The Last Clockwinder. The extended warranty, meanwhile, will offer some added protection if the headset starts to break down for some reason.

Meta is in transition with Quest 2 stock depleted, the Quest 3S expected to replace it with more power and the imminent launch of Early Access on the Meta Horizon Store. Some developers, meanwhile, have held back release in anticipation of Meta working to push a new low cost VR headset.

Meta is likely to pull out all the stops this holiday season to move Quest headsets in large numbers as it may be the last year without Apple and others competing more directly with Meta's ambitions. We'll have all the latest deals for you on

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