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New VR Games & Releases November 2023: PSVR 2, Quest, SteamVR & More

New VR Games - November 2023

After some new VR games in November 2023? We're once again rounding up our latest monthly highlights.

It's hard to understate just how busy October was for VR gaming and following the Quest 3 release, we counted nearly 50 Quest 3 launch games. Those were mostly upgrades for existing games that often patched in mixed reality support, but many new experiences like Dungeons of Eternity, Genotype, Samba De Amigo: Virtual Party, The 7th Guest and Ghostbusters: Rise of the Ghost Lord joined them.

November doesn't feature any major VR hardware releases but that doesn't make this month any quieter. Between releases from Ubisoft, nDreams and more, there are plenty of big games are coming. As always, keep this page bookmarked. We'll keep the list updated across the month as we receive further release date confirmations and also remove delayed games.

For now, here are all the big upcoming VR games reaching Quest, PC VR and PSVR 2 in November 2023.

Peaky Blinders: The King's Ransom - November 2 (PC VR, PSVR 2)

Peaky Blinders: The King's Ransom offers an original story set between Seasons 4 and 5, involving a power struggle between rival gangs. Released this March for Quest and Pico, it now receives a Complete Edition on SteamVR and PSVR 2 with all previous post-launch DLC included.

PowerWash Simulator VR - November 2 (Quest)

Published by nDreams, PowerWash Simulator VR brings the flatscreen hit to Quest this month with VR-specific features, such as quick nozzle changes through a new tool belt. We'll bring you our full review soon but for now, here's our preview from Summer Game Fest.

Space Salvage - November 2 (PC VR, Quest)

An 80s sci-fi themed VR adventure, Space Salvage sees you joining an intergalactic corporation as a trainee. Your goal involves gathering resources from 30 different environments and crash sites, gradually upgrading your ship as you earn credits with three narrative paths available. Coming to Quest and Steam, check out our preview from EGX 2022 to learn more.

Vampire: The Masquerade - Justice - November 2 (PSVR 2, Quest)

Following Wraith: The Oblivion - Afterlife in 2021, Paradox's World of Darkness returns to VR once more with Vampire: The Masquerade - Justice. A narrative adventure RPG focused on stealth available on PSVR 2 and Quest, you can check out our review now ahead of launch later this week.

Vampire: The Masquerade - Justice Review – Quest & PSVR 2
Vampire: The Masquerade - Justice arrives later this week on Quest and PSVR 2. Read our review here:

Cactus Cowboy - Desert Warfare - November 2 (PC VR, PSVR 2, Quest)

Created by a solo developer, Cactus Cowboy - Desert Warfare marks the latest entry in this indie FPS series. In Desert Warfare, you'll step into of Cactus Cowboy in a fight against the Bug Army. We're told that the PSVR 2 version includes adaptive trigger support, while the SteamVR release supports bHaptics and ProVolver/ProTube accessories.

Liminal Phase - November 3 (PC VR)

Previously released on SideQuest, Viveport and Vive XR Elite, Liminal Phase now makes its way onto SteamVR this month. A VR horror experience set in a parallel 90s, you're tasked with fighting malevolent monsters, solving puzzles and exploring Frank's troubled psyche.

Kill It With Fire VR - November 7 (PSVR 2)

Published by tinyBuild, Kill It With Fire VR adapts the flatscreen spider hunting game for virtual reality. We previously called it an "arachnophobia nightmare" when it released on Quest and PC VR. On PSVR 2, eye-tracking support lets you pick up objects with a quick glance.

Barbaria - November 9 (PSVR 2)

After launching earlier this year on Quest and PC VR, Barbaria now makes its way to PSVR 2. In our review, we believed the action arcade game offered "an excellent blend of first-person combat and strategic tower defense gameplay."

Demeo Battles - November 9 (PC VR, Quest)

Demeo Battles is a PvP spin-off for Resolution Games' tabletop co-op dungeon crawler, Demeo. Using the same turn-based tactics, art style, champions and more from the original game, this allows for shorter 1v1 or 2v2 competitive matches. Arriving on Quest and Steam, the latter supports both VR and non-VR modes. A Pico release later on is also confirmed.

STRIDE: Fates - November 9 (Quest)

Initially announced as an hour-long solo campaign, publisher Joy Way is now releasing Stride: Fates as a paid standalone sequel to Stride, featuring a supposedly 5-8 hour campaign. Arriving first on Quest, a SteamVR release will follow early next year.

X8 - November 9 (PC VR, Quest)

Developed by Thirdverse, X8 is a free-to-play competitive 5v5 shooter that released in early access this May. It's now officially launching on Quest and Steam this month, while the publisher confirms PSVR 2 and Pico versions are "coming soon."

Ziggy's Cosmic Adventures - November 9 (PC VR, Quest 2)

Ziggy's Cosmic Adventures is a VR space sim with arcade-style combat. Piloting a one-man craft, you play as a bounty hunter who's taken possession of a small but powerful alien. With the Empire closing in, you're tasked with surviving their attacks while managing your spaceship. It's coming to Quest and PC VR.

Pavlov Shack - November 14 (Quest)

Two years after reaching App Lab, team-based multiplayer VR shooter Pavlov Shack receives a full release this month on Quest. For anyone playing on Quest 3, Shack will target a higher refresh rate at 90Hz.

Assassin's Creed Nexus - November 16 (Quest)

Assassin's Creed Nexus brings Ubisoft's popular action-adventure series to VR for the first time through a spin-off, featuring three returning assassins - Connor, Ezio and Kassandra. Arriving this month exclusively on Quest, you can check out our recent Nexus preview and interview to learn more.

Ironstrike - November 16 (Quest)

Created by E McNeill (Ironlights), Ironstrike is described as being “all about capturing the power fantasy of classic role-playing experiences.” Playable solo or in co-op with up to four players, this roguelike adventure involves fending of waves of challenging foes.

Orbeats - November 16 (Quest)


Available on Quest App Lab, Orbeats describes itself as a "high-octane action sports game" with aerobic gameplay. Using a racket, laser and gravity tether, you're tasked with defeating incoming waves of alien defence systems as they protect their hazardous planets, challenging other players to beat your high scores.

Paradiddle - November 16 (Quest)

Following a previous App Lab launch, Paradiddle is getting a full release this month on Quest with multiplayer support and mixed reality enhancements. Though it's already left Steam early access, the PC VR edition will also be updated simultaneously.

Eolia - November 17 (Pico)

Previously released on Quest, Eolia is a hand-tracked solo fantasy adventure and a follow-up to Rhythm Of The Universe: Ionia. After receiving the Quena's Requiem update earlier this year, ROTU Entertainment has now brought it to Pico.

Rooms of Realities - November 17 (PC VR, Quest)

Following an early access launch on App Lab and Steam, Rooms of Realities now receives a full release. Developed by Bluekey, this anthology of virtual Escape Rooms can be played solo or in online co-op.

Track Craft - November 18 (Quest)

Developed by Brainz Gamify, Track Craft is a mixed reality racing game where you create tracks across your living room. Giving you elements like portals, moving platforms and loops, these designs can be shared with the online community. A free demo is available now on AppLab and SideQuest with 20 tracks.

AVO Escape Space - November 22 (PC VR)

Created by Game Cooks, AVO Escape Space is described as a dystopian, story-driven escape-the-room experience set in outer space that sees you striving for freedom from your doomed spaceship. Following last month's App Lab launch, it's now reaching SteamVR.

The Wizards - Dark Times: Brotherhood - November 28 (PC VR, Quest)

Developed by Carbon Studio, the Brotherhood update brings a remastered version of The Wizards - Dark Times to Quest and PC VR. That includes three-player co-op, new enemies and spells and additional level objectives. Optimized controls and visual enhancements are also promised. Previously scheduled for last month, that was later delayed.

MechaLeague - November 29 (PC VR)


Developed by Mechabit, MechaLeague describes itself as a "high speed" online multiplayer experience, utilizing arm swinging and grapple hooks for movement. Releasing this month on Steam Early Access, the full release promises more game modes and customization. A Quest version is also confirmed but a release date remains unknown.

CookieRun: The Darkest Night ~ Chapter 1 - November 30 (Quest)

The first part of a three-chapter adventure, CookieRun: The Darkest Night ~ Chapter 1 adapts the popular mobile game for Quest. You play as GingerBrave, a newly baked cookie armed with a candy cane attempting to escape the Witch's castle and defeat The Darkest Lord.

Next Move - November 30 (PC VR, Quest)

Focused on platforming based on your physical movements, Next Move offers a unique platformer with joystick-free movement set across "dreamlike worlds" filled with fantasy architecture set against various challenges. A demo with three levels is currently available on SteamApp Lab and SideQuest.

Sniper Elite VR: Winter Warrior - November 30 (Quest)


A sequel to 2021's Sniper Elite VR, Rebellion partnering with Just Add Water once more. Playing as a former Italian resistance soldier called 'the Partisan,' Winter Warrior sees you embark on a story-driven campaign to find and destroy Nazi 'wonder-weapons.' Promising a "wide range of difficulty, comfort and control options" alongside bHaptics and ProTube VR support.

Terra Alia - November 30 (Quest)


Developed by 30 Parallel Games, Terra Alia mixes language learning with a fantasy RPG. Your journey involves investigating Professor Esperanto's disappearance, completing quests and puzzles in a multilingual adventure that aims to teach 10 different languages on Quest.

UBOAT: The Silent Wolf - November 30 (Quest)

Developed by Titan GameZ, UBOAT sees you playing as a submarine commander during World War II. Featuring a single-player story campaign, you and up to four players can work together in co-op on this maritime battlefield, while a 'Free Roam' mode that lets you freely navigate the open sea. Alongside Quest, a Steam version is also planned.

Interested to learn about more upcoming VR games? Check out our full list below, which covers upcoming Quest 2, PC VR, Pico and PSVR 2 releases across 2023 and beyond:

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