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Paradiddle Drums Up A Full Release On Quest This November

Paradiddle VR

Paradiddle is getting a full launch this month on Quest with multiplayer support and mixed reality enhancements.

Developed by Emre Tanirgan, Paradiddle first appeared on PC VR five years ago before receiving a 'V1' launch last year on Steam and App Lab. While primarily focused on VR drumming, this next update adds 13 new instruments like steel drums, bringing the total to 67. These can be arranged through a custom setup alongside other instruments like a glockenspiel and timpani.

Paradiddle's also adding 14 new songs and multiplayer support for up to 4 people across 'Freeplay' and 'Competitive' modes. Tanirgan states this Quest update lets you connect the game to MIDI devices like electronic drum kits and pedals, while MIDI output can be sent to digital audio workstations like Ableton. Finally, Tanirgan promises enhanced mixed reality and augmented drum kit support while using physical drums.

Paradiddle is out now on SteamVR and Quest via App Lab, with the update arriving simultaneously on November 16. Paradiddle is also available on Pico 4.

This article, originally published on October 19, 2023 was updated on November 2, 2023 to reflect the full release date for Paradiddle.

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