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Track Craft Goes Mixed Reality Racing In Your Home Next Week

Track Craft

Track Craft turns your home into a racing circuit through mixed reality, and it's coming to Quest this week.

Developed by Brainz Gamify, Track Craft offers track design elements like portals, moving platforms, wild loops and more, and these designs can be shared online with friends and the community. Previously announced for October, it's now receiving a full release this November. A free demo is out on AppLab and SideQuest with 20 tracks, and you can watch Quest 3 gameplay below.

Featuring over 50 arcade levels, a full editor with free driving and more, Track Craft will also have curated Track Packs. 'Razzle Dazzle' is described as an "abstract geometric adventure with an edgy cyberpunk twist," while 'Surfer Rock' is a "paper-style-inspired pack featuring a relaxed atmosphere of sandy beaches and rolling waves." In a press release, Brainz Gamify confirms a real-time multiplayer update will be introduced "in the coming months."

We've seen some strong contenders for the best mixed reality games on Quest 3 since Meta's latest headset launched last month. Alongside fellow upcoming MR racer Micro Machines: Mini Challenge Mayhem, many games received MR updates including Espire 2, Drop Dead: The Cabin, Smash Drums and Broken Edge.

Track Craft arrives on November 18 for the Meta Quest platform, followed by a Pico release in early 2024.

This article, originally published on September 24, 2023 was updated on November 13, 2023 to reflect the new release date.

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