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Smash Drums Reveals 'Smashed Reality' MR Update On Quest

Smash Drums! x Smashed Reality - mixed reality update

Smash Drums will receive a free mixed reality update, coming exclusively to Quest.

Released nearly two years ago, Smash Drums is a rhythm drumming game from developer PotamWorks SAS. Following previous updates like Classic Mode and new songs, Smashed Reality uses Quest's scene model capture tools to create dynamically destructible stages. Initially supporting three environments - a rock show arena, volcano crater and the Moon - you can watch that in action below:


"As the player advances through the song, the world around them gradually destroys more and more, in sync with the music and the player’s strong hits," the studio confirms in a press release. "If the mood strikes, the players can seize (and squeeze) their lightning-charged drumsticks and obliterate any wall at will."

Detailing this further, developer Potam calls Smashed Reality a Quest exclusive "for the foreseeable future." Color and resolution differences aside, the Quest 2 and Quest Pro versions are identical. Quest 3 specific improvements are planned, though details were not revealed. Paid DLC songs featuring "legendary rock bands" are also planned.

Smash Drums is available now on Quest and Pico. As for Smashed Reality, PotamWorks SAS intends to release the MR update "in the next few months" following closed beta testing.

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