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Smash Drums 'Classic Mode' Delivers Rock Band Vibes

Smash Drums 'Classic Mode' Delivers Rock Band Vibes

A new mode coming to Smash Drums will be instantly familiar to Rock Band and Guitar Hero players.

The new “classic” mode launching November 15th carries over the interface of those physical instrument rhythm games into virtual reality with a new fixed drum kit and notes moving toward you on a fret board.

Smash Drums launched on Quest and Pico last year, with gameplay typically featuring drums and cymbals flying toward you for smashing through with controllers at the correct time. The design took full advantage of 360-degree freedom on standalone VR, according to its developer, but a stationary drum kit has also been planned from the beginning.

Check out the classic mode in the trailer embedded below:

According to the developer more features are coming with the update including new free songs. There’s also a minor update planned for October but no details have been revealed other than it including “new quality of life features”.

Smash Drums is available on the Quest store and Pico as well.


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