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Smash Drums Adds 5 New Songs In Volcano Update

Smash Drums Adds 5 New Songs In Volcano Update

VR rhythm game Smash Drums is getting five new songs next week.

The Volcano Update arrives as a free patch for owners of the game and includes music from new artists like Richy Mix, LeBrock and Seething Akira as well as more tracks from Young Medicine and Jessie Villa. You can already get a preview of what’s in store by heading to the game’s Spotify playlist.

Smash Drums Gets New Songs And More

There’s more to this update though. As the name suggests, the game will also add a new volcano level with firey lava shifting beneath you as you play. Next up is a practice mode that lets you navigate songs faster and provides an analysis of your performance in certain sections.

More updates are planned for the future, with “iconic rock bands” teased. These will arrive as premium DLC, adopting the model seen in other popular music games like Beat Saber. If you’ve been frustrated with other VR games’ focus on electronic music and want a more traditional rock experience, these packs will probably be worth looking out for. More details will be revealed later in the year.

Are you going to be checking out Smash Drums’ Volcano Update? Let us know in the comments below!

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