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Smash Drums Is Available Now On The Oculus Quest Store

Smash Drums Is Available Now On The Oculus Quest Store

Smash Drums is officially out on the Oculus store for Quest and Quest 2.

The drumming rhythm game marks December 2 as its release date with singe-player, co-op and versus modes for up to eight players with 30 rock songs. The game moved to App Lab earlier this year and faces stiff competitions with other rhythm games and even other drumming games, but it debuts on the Oculus store with the vast majority of reviewers rating it five stars.

We showed the release trailer for Smash Drums in the Upload VR Showcase today and you can check it out embedded below!

There’s a live ranking system, four difficulties and additional modifiers, achievements, eight environments to rock to the ground, and 90Hz support on Quest 2. We’re looking forward to dive into the fully released game and the developer notes “more to come” on its store page, so we’ll be sure to get updates on the game’s next steps.

In case you missed the Upload VR Showcase, be sure to out every announcement in the show in our wrap-up post here or watch the full broadcast in the video embedded below:

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