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Terra Alia Mixes Learnings Languages With A VR Fantasy RPG On Quest

Terra Alia key art

Terra Alia wants to teach you new languages through a VR fantasy RPG this month on Quest.

Developed by 30 Parallel Games, Terra Alia begins in a magical academy and your journey involves investigating Professor Esperanto's disappearance. Achieved by completing quests and puzzles, it's promising a multilingual adventure that teaches English, Spanish, Italian, French, German, Russian, Japanese, Korean, Chinese, and Brazilian Portuguese. Here's the Quest Store trailer.


While Terra Alia previously released for flatscreen platforms, the VR adaptation looks considerably different. The store page mentions "tactical, crafted-for-VR combat" that involves spell-casting across these 10 languages, while dynamic leveling sees you become stronger through learning new words, unlocking magical items and powering up your character with magical statues.

Terra Alia arrives on November 30 on the Meta Quest platform for $20, offering a 25% pre-order discount at $15. We've contacted 30 Parallel Games to ask if a multiplatform release is planned, and we'll update this article if we learn more.

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