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Stride Fates Campaign Delayed, Now Arriving In 2023

Stride Fates Campaign Delayed, Now Arriving In 2023

Joy Way confirmed Fates, the upcoming solo campaign for Stride, is delayed until 2023.

Following a new trailer during the Upload VR 2022 Winter Showcase (where Joy Way also announced Red Flowers and Stack),  an hour-long episode of the Stride campaign was previously targeting a December 15 release. However, that episode has now been cancelled, replaced by a “complete 5+ hour campaign” scheduled for next year. In a new statement, Joy Way cites “reactions to the announcement” as reason for the change. You can read the statement in full below:


We came away with mixed feelings during our Stride review last year. Reminiscent of Mirror’s Edge by EA, we believed there’s a great foundation with “fast and fluid gameplay” that just didn’t apply itself properly. Earlier in the year, Joy Way released Stride’s multiplayer update, which added full-body player models and private lobbies. After leaving early access in June, Stride introduced new multiplayer modes, alongside separate updates like a fitness UI

Stride Fates arrives as a free update for the Meta Quest platform and PC VR via Steam in 2023, promising “new parkour mechanics, new physics, and new characters.” The full game is available now for $14.99.


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