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AVO Escape Space Brings Escape Room Puzzles To PC VR Next Week

AVO Escape Space vr key art

AVO Escape Space takes VR escape rooms to outer space, arriving next week on Steam.

Created by Game Cooks, AVO Escape Space is described as a "dystopian, story-driven" escape-the-room puzzle experience. Designed in collaboration with real-life escape-the-room games, you play as PatientZ, the last surviving passenger aboard a doomed spaceship heading through a meteor storm. Following October's App Lab release, PC VR is next. Here's a gameplay trailer:

Assisted by the spaceship's AI system, AVO, you must escape this doomed vessel and secure your freedom by solving puzzles, with Game Cooks advising this may take you "more than four hours to complete." You can read the official description below:

Assisted by AVO, the spaceship's AI system, you embark on an extraordinary journey, striving for freedom from the doomed vessel and the prospect of another day. To do so, you must engage your mind with a series of intricate and mind-bending puzzles. As you progress through the game, uncover the unsettling truth behind the spaceship's purpose, but remember, this revelation is only the start of your adventure. 

AVO Escape Space arrives on November 22 on SteamVR. Elsewhere, it's available now on the Meta Quest platform via App Lab.

Notice: This article, originally published on October 11, 2023, was updated on November 17, 2023 to reflect the SteamVR announcement.

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