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ICYMI This Week: Sweet Surrender, Tank Arena, Unknown Lands & More

Sweet Surrender Resurrection

Searching for this week's biggest VR news? Here's our latest roundup with a few stories you may have missed.

In VR hardware news, LG and Meta's upcoming headset was reportedly delayed until 2027. Microsoft is bringing volumetric apps to Quest, Oculus Go owners are reporting errors with launching apps and the Quest v66 public test channel has been datamined. We also learned more about LG's 4K Micro-OLED display for next-gen headsets, alongside rounding up everything we've heard with the upcoming cheaper Quest 3 headset.

With VR gaming, Walkabout Mini Golf is preparing an Elvis Presley course. A Quest store sale is live, Space Marine VR is heading for VR arcades. Population: One is getting a new map and Sinn Studio is making a new PvP combat game. We also covered Marvel's What If, Capy Oasis, QuestCraft, Sushi Ben, Venture's Gauntlet, Firmament, Espire 1, Demeo, Consortium, Taskmaster VR, MudRunner and more.

As for UploadVR, we recently announced a revised approach to our reviews strategy that includes more reviews-in-progress. We believe this will better account for post-launch updates with VR and MR titles. Since then, we've published reviews for Blacktop Hoops and Ultimate Swing Golf, alongside our VR beta impressions for EA Sports WRC.

Our full coverage is available here. But if you're after more updates, here are our top five VR news stories that we originally missed:

Sweet Surrender Receives Quest 3 Visual Upgrade & Gameplay Adjustments


Developed by Salmi Games, VR roguelite Sweet Surrender received its 10th major update. Titled 'Resurrection,' Quest 3 improvements include Bloom and HDR support and hundreds of new visual effects, which can be adjusted from a graphics setting menu. Other changes include a final boss revamp, removal of insta-death on Void Glitch, refined horizontal recoil for guns, and more.

Tank Arena: Ultimate League

Developed by STOIC Ent., Tank Arena: Ultimate League is the studio's second VR release this month following Spectral Scream. Offering 4v4 team battles for an arena-based multiplayer game, Tank Arena sees you fighting to control the central Pulse Tower, choosing one of eight tanks between the Vanguard, Assault and Support roles.

Unknown Lands Is A VR Action-Adventure Puzzle Game Rooted In Egyptian Mythology

Created by Bugby Studios, Unknown Lands is a new story-driven action-adventure puzzle game. Featuring a story mode and characters based on Egyptian mythology, this campaign takes place in three acts across different worlds. That's available now on the Meta Quest platform.

Body Of Mine Demonstrates Gender Dysphoria Using VR

Created by Cameron Kostopoulos, Body of Mine is a VR experience that promotes transgender empathy by demonstrating what gender dysphoria looks like. We previously went hands-on during Venice Immersive 2023, calling it a "heartfelt" and "all-too-necessary" experience. That's coming to Steam on May 30.

Wanderer: The Fragments Of Fate Offers Visual Comparison Between PSVR 2 & Quest

Wanderer: The Fragments Of Fate released a new gameplay visual comparison. Showcasing Quest 3 gameplay against PSVR 2, the team advised the PC VR version features similar visuals to Sony's headset. This update follows a recent delay that pushed the upcoming remake's release date to September.

Other Updates

After some more updates? Here's everything else we've seen in VR news this week.

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