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Taskmaster VR Brings Greg Davies' Comedy Show To Quest Today

Taskmaster VR Brings Greg Davies' Comedy Show To Quest Today

Comedy show 'Taskmaster' comes to VR today on Quest.

Announced last November, Taskmaster VR turns you into a contestant on the popular game show. Stepping into the Taskmaster house, this upcoming adaptation puts you up against "a menagerie of weird and wonderful tasks." Multiple solutions are available for completing each challenge and those must be cleared within a time limit to impress the Taskmaster, Greg Davies. He returns as a voice actor alongside his assistant, Alex Horne.


In a press release, Scallywag Arcade stated Taskmaster VR also includes a 'Creative Mode,' where you can create your own custom tasks and scenarios. That contains an "extensive array" of tools and toys with hundreds of in-game items available. Once completed, these challenges can be played with others in local play.

“It goes without saying that a computer-generated Alex is, much like his human counterpart, a constant irritant," said Greg Davies in a prepared statement. "I thought that the virtual version of me may turn out to be more zen but, if anything, he is less tolerant. If being judged by a man who is so angry he doesn’t exist is your thing, then this is the game for you.”

However, PC VR players will need to wait slightly longer. Hours before launch, the studio confirmed that the Steam launch had been delayed due to "unforeseen last minute technical issues," though the Quest release remains unaffected. A new release date hasn't been confirmed, and we'll update this story once we hear more.

Taskmaster VR is available now on the Meta Quest platform. We'll soon bring you our full review.

Notice: This article was initially published on May 20, 2024. It was updated on June 13 to reflect Taskmaster VR's Quest launch and last-minute delay on Steam.

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