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Taskmaster VR Adapts The UK Comedy Series Next Year On Quest & Steam

Taskmaster VR Adapts The UK Comedy Series Next Year On Quest & Steam

Comedy panel show Taskmaster is coming to VR next year.

Developed by Scallywag Arcade, Taskmaster VR sees you stepping inside the Taskmaster house, a "colosseum of foolhardy pursuits and a theatre of broken dreams." As a contestant, your goal involves completing tasks like smashing watermelons within a time limit to impress the Taskmaster, Greg Davies, who returns as a voice actor alongside his assistant, Alex Horne.

With missions taking place across the entire Taskmaster House, Scallywag Arcade confirms Taskmaster VR features "more stuff, gubbins and thingamajigs than you can shake a rubber duck at." Here's the official gameplay description from Steam:

Mastering tasks requires skill, patience, precision and grace. And if all that fails, maybe just throwing things around and hoping for the best will work out! Just get it done within the time limit and use the plethora of ordinary and not-so-ordinary items at your disposal. Grab, smash, balance, throw, magnetise, fry, pierce - do whatever you need to do to complete the task.

“The world of Taskmaster is perfect for VR” said Niall Taylor, Head of Games at Scallywag Arcade in a prepared statement. “Combining the hilarity of the show with the freedom of virtual reality gives players an immersive (and slightly mad) experience.”

Taskmaster VR targets a 2024 release window on the Meta Quest platform and Steam.

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