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LG-Meta Headset Reportedly Delayed To 2027 As LG Says It's "Controlling Its Pace"

LG-Meta Headset Reportedly Delayed To 2027 As LG Says It's "Controlling Its Pace"

LG denied reports from Korean news outlets claiming it canceled its partnership with Meta, but said it is "controlling its pace".

Reports over the past 9 months from Maeil Business Newspaper and The Korea Economic Daily claimed LG is making a high-end Quest Pro successor aimed for 2025 at a price around $2000.

In February LG and Meta officially confirmed an XR "strategic collaboration", including on "next-gen XR device development", though neither company was more specific on what exactly this will entail.

But now Seoul Economic Daily reports the headset is delayed to 2027, and The Korea Economic Daily claimed LG has ended the partnership with Meta altogether.

In a statement to another outlet Korea JoongAng Daily, LG denied the partnership is canceled, saying “LG Electronics continues the XR partnership with Meta forged in February but is controlling its pace”.

Meta & LG Confirm “Next-Gen XR Device” Partnership
Meta and LG just officially confirmed their partnership, including “next-gen XR device development”. This comes after multiple reports LG will make future Quest Pro headsets.

Both Seoul Economic Daily and The Korea Economy Daily claim that there are significant differences of opinion between LG and Meta, and that LG believes there isn't enough "synergy" between the two companies. Both also claim LG is talking to other US tech companies, with Amazon being the top contender so far for a new partnership.

These reports come a week after LG Display showed an advanced 4K micro-OLED display for "next generation" headsets, which could potentially enable the headset to lack the motion blur present in Apple Vision Pro.

Meta Horizon OS Will Run On Headsets From ASUS & Lenovo
Meta is rebranding its Quest software platform to Meta Horizon OS and opening it up to third-party headset makers, including ASUS and Lenovo.

Two months after LG and Meta officially confirmed their partnership, Meta announced it will rebrand the Quest system software to Horizon OS and provide it to third-party headset makers, starting with ASUS and Lenovo. At the time we noted that it was strange LG wasn't mentioned in the announcement. Is it possible Meta brought ASUS and Lenovo in as near-term replacements for LG?

Article updated shortly after publication to include a second report from The Korea Economy Daily, then again to include a statement given by LG to Korea JoongAng Daily.

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