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Demeo Is Now Available On Apple Vision Pro In VR

Demeo Is Now Available On Apple Vision Pro In VR

Demeo is out now on Apple Vision Pro, with support for fully immersive VR.

If you somehow haven't heard of it, Demeo is a virtual tabletop turn-based RPG for up to four players. As well as supporting VR on Meta Quest, PlayStation VR2, Pico, PC VR, and now Apple Vision Pro, a flatscreen version is also available for PC, PlayStation 5, iPad, and Mac. Quest and Pico players can also choose to play in mixed reality. The best part? Crossplay is supported between all these platforms.

We strongly praised Demeo in our review, describing it as "a social VR masterclass in an engaging tabletop RPG". You'll find it on multiple of our Best of VR lists.

Demeo Review - A Social VR Masterclass In An Engaging Tabletop RPG
Is Resolution Games’ most ambitious VR title yet its best? Find out in our Demeo review! Demeo is one of those times it works. Y’know, it; the whole promise of leapfrogging the miles between friends and family and experiencing a genuine social connection in virtual space via the magic

Apple Vision Pro players can choose between two modes, Fully Immersive or Windowed.

Fully Immersive is the same VR mode as on other headsets, minus the mixed reality option, with Apple's gaze-and-pinch interaction system added.

Windowed works like flatscreen platforms and runs in the visionOS Shared Space, letting you use other apps at the same time. Players can switch between the two modes at any time, without interrupting gameplay.


Demeo is available on the App Store for $40. The Apple Vision, iPad, and Mac versions of the game support Apple's universal purchase system, meaning buying it for one gives you free copies of the other two.

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