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VR Manga Adventure 'Sushi Ben' Arrives Next Week On PSVR 2

Sushi Ben VR key art

Sushi Ben, a 3D VR manga adventure, is coming to PSVR 2 next week.

Previously released on Quest and Viveport, Sushi Ben is written by Hatoful Boyfriend's creator, Hato Moa, and developed by Big Brane Studios. A narrative adventure game inspired by real-life experiences and anime, this slice-of-life sim sees you with saving a sushi bar from being shut down by land developers, working together with locals to restore its popularity. Here's the new trailer.

Earning the trust of Kotobuki Town's residents goes beyond good food, however. Convincing locals to visit the restaurant is managed by completing quests and building your relationships with them. That's achieved through different activities like fishing, bug catching, dog walking and even ghost hunting. On PSVR 2, Sushi Ben also promises enhanced visuals and haptic feedback.

Sushi Ben reaches PSVR 2 on May 28, and it's available now on Quest and Viveport. It's also reaching Steam later this year and the studio previously confirmed that version includes a non-VR mode.

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